Shark Island Productions: Documentaries for Social Change

Based in Sydney, Australia, Shark Island Productions is an award-winning, independent documentary production company that aims to educate, entertain, and make a significant social impact with its films. As a purpose-driven organization, Shark Island creates extensive education, outreach, and community engagement campaigns, as well as partners with foundations, philanthropists, and non-profits in order to connect with a wider audience, raise awareness about several important social issues, and bring about sustainable social change.

Seeking to leverage the power of great films as a force for good, Shark Island’s documentaries include The Oasis, Stories From the Inside, Paul Kelly – Stories of Me, Wall Boy, The Soldier, Polly and Me, In the Company of Actors, Woodstock for Capitalists, and Alone Across Australia. The company is currently in post production with Our Little Garden, which focuses on environmental sustainability and survival in rural Australia, and in development with Asylum, which sheds light on the human rights tragedy of asylum seekers in the country.

Aside from producing documentaries, Shark Island creates extensive community engagement programs to accompany its films. The company has commissioned and published independent reports on the shortcomings of the prison system, the insufficiency of music education in schools, and homelessness among youth. Moreover, Shark Island has produced national curriculum resources for schools, interactive websites, study guides, workshop and screening manuals, and hosted screenings around Australia.

A certified B Corporation since October of 2013, Shark Island Productions also manages Shark Island Institute, a non-profit organization that brings together filmmakers, artists, storytellers, audiences, philanthropists, and charities. Through screenings, events, and other creative spaces focused on documentary filmmaking and storytelling, Shark Island Institute raises awareness, encourages action, and spurs meaningful social change. In 2014, Shark Island Institute will be hosting Good Pitch² Australia, a forum that connects good films to good people, at the Sydney Opera House.


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